So, I was Looking Through Fenty Body Lava Reviews and …

I’m having mixed feelings. When Rihanna posted videos of her promoting the launch of Fenty’s Body lava, of course she had us all heart eyed. Well, she had me like that. It was going on her skin like butter.

I mean, even though I had no plans of getting it (I don’t feel like paying $60 for body glitter)… I can still appreciate the look of a good full body glow. I actually made my own version last summer, I really was obsessed with glow everything.

I still am ..

but, what I made was a highlighting face spray.

img_2607Just two sprays of it on top of a full face of makeup is literally highlighter in a bottle. The pigment is heavy enough to come through, I may have been a little extra … but light enough to use as a face mist. The glow I created with this is glorious …

Anyway, from the looks of Body lava on many YouTube videos, you mind as well just put highlighter on your shoulders and collarbone so like I thought the Body lava is overrated. Are they gorgeous & will you glow and glitter? definitely, but at $59 a bottle there’s just too many other body shimmers on the market for much less to give you really the same effect, it really doesn’t have to be Fenty’s, you might even find one better. Just as easyyy as I made mine, gurus are already out here making dupes & finding all kind of ways to save money.

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Dupes can be found EVERYWHERE. Like this one …

“Shimmy Shimmy” Body Oils, $10

I found that this black owned makeup brand, Get Leighed Cosmetics has some dupes that I’m really drooling over. The body glow oil promises to leave luscious moisturized and radiant skin and it’s vegan and handmade. I know I just said I wasn’t interested in buying body glitter, but the “Pink Mimosa” description really intrigued me (and for $10?)

“Pink Mimosa

  • a blend of sparkling moscato, ripe raspberries, citrus peel + sweet strawberries”

… I might have to get it. should I get it?

So that being said, I appreciate Rihanna’s hustle, she keeps hitting us with one after another & I adore her beauty line, but I’m gonna have to pass on the body lava. I’m more so looking forward to her future releases, wishing for a dewy foundation or skin care line, pleasssse Ri drop those skincare secrets, I’m such a fan!


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