Introducing My Upgraded My Self Care Routine

                   I love the topic of self care, and nope, not the basic kind, I’m on a wholeee nother level now. I’m still attracted to basic self-care like full body massages and honey masks too … you really can’t tell me nothinggg after a honey mask, 

 but after I’m all gassed up and the hype dies down, can I say I’m 100% fulfilled? I ended up breaking a better self care routine down into two levels,


          usually done at the least once every week and with it comes a big increase in mood and self-confidence.

  • sheet masks
  • buying an expensive bottle of wine
  • bubble baths
  • a fresh set of nails
  • facials – (I’m booking a oxygen facial next month and couldnt be more hype – I’m already practicing “thank you’s” for the skin compliments coming my way lol)
  • massages
  • light a candle
  • treating yourself


                more like a daily practice and more of a priority. for me, resulted in even more self confidence & positive shift in lifestyle.

  • meditation or focus on your breath for 10 secs.
  • get up/go to bed earlier
  • spend 20 minutes a day cleaning
  • write a list of your goals/ successes
  • working out/stretching/10,000 steps
  • journaling
  • invest in your social life
  • look for beauty in everything
  • eat better/ introduce seasonal fruit to your diet
  • teach yourself something 
  • indulge in a self help book
  • burn some sage/use crystals
  • start a new routine


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                           I only picked a couple I thought would make a difference, added them to my list & put them into three areas to focus on,



meditation daily & nightly

read 1 to 2 books weekly  (read a chapter min. from a book each a night)


drink more water (6 glasses a day) & lots of green tea

15 minute yoga routine

In bed by 10:30 (lol)


be creative/ create something

get up at sunrise (uhh … I’m working on this)

 checking myself & working on myself

I made a decision to actually boss up, make these habits and keep them daily. I’m pushinggg through. The changes I’ve seen drastically improve my wellbeing, I’m gloooowing all over.

To start, pick a few habits missing from your life, even if it’s just one at first, tweak it to work for you and then make it happen. This is the kind of self care upgrade I need this summer.


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