Lately I’m Loving Lipgloss..

aannbeauty lipgloss

Lip gloss is really my main mood right now and even though my love for a matte lip isn’t dead and gone lately it actually might be being tested. I’m still learning how to let matte and gloss coexist so, there’s that. I haven’t been really into lip gloss in so long so it’s different for me now to be reaching for it all the time, my lipsticks just sitting untouched. This summer I was going for a really fresh and flawless face, I did go in with doubled lashes and a lot of blush but wearing gloss helped tone all that down for me. plus, I couldn’t find a better lip to wear with my beaming highlight other than a subtle tinted shine. Sometimes gloss is hardly low maintenance though and that’s really my only complaint. Pulling my tube out to reapply every thirty minutes is when I start to miss just putting on a matte lip and going … doesn’t stop me from wearing it though. Of course because now since I realized how comfortable and versatile wearing it is, I had to start to build my own little stash. Now putting you on to some of the lip glosses I’ve loved as of late,

aannbeauty lipgloss

A great lip gloss: 

  1. looks and feels good
  2. has a comfortable non-sticky texture
  3. enhances the look and fullness of lips 
  • Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb,$18. I really needed this gloss, no question. The color of this gloss is sheer with gold sparkles, oh my gosh, so pretty. The texture is smooth, not sticky, and it’s so very glossy which plump up the lips even more. I love it. I can’t really hype it too much though because even though it is really pretty and I barely made it fully out of the store without it on my lips … It’s still just your average pretty gloss I think you can find anywhere, so I started hunting for a dupe just like it8/10

aannbeauty lipgloss swatch

  • Nanacoco, Caramel Latte, $4. a gorgeous gloss really. When I wear this I always get asked what gloss I’m wearing. It has the same sheer but gold hue that Gloss Bomb has, is highly pigmented but I can’t lie, kinda sticky too which in a way is good because you get a longer wear in between applications. more importantly though the gold speckles really glisten on this gloss in direct sunlight. 9/10

*I haven’t seen the “Nanacoco” lip gloss collection at any drugstores, only your local beauty supply & every shade they have is gorgeous*

aannbeauty lately I've been loving lipgloss

NYX Butter gloss Collection,$8, my two favorites being Tiramisu & Creme Brulee. Tiramisu was the first butter gloss I tried and I just knew I was feening for it when I started taking the stopper right off the top of the tube and scraping out every drop. I’m so glad they have them at the CVS right up the block from me because I need replacements close by. I’ve tried 5 of these glosses; each confirming my love for this collection. They’re so creamy, so pigmented, and sticky enough to hold to your lips and still be on after a drink. 10/10

lately I haven’t wanted to commit to one lip color the whole day and my lips really benefit from the shot of moisture so I can get used too this gloss life.


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