Lately I’m Loving Lip gloss …

aannbeauty lipgloss

Lips smothered in lip gloss currently is my life! I think my love for a matte lip is being tested

… or can I love them both?

              Fenty Beauty is trending right now, with everything on the line being sold out – and me being on email watch for the foundation to come back in stock, I’m surprised I even got my hands on the gloss. Soon after I did I also found a gorgeous dupe at the beauty supply. I really wasn’t expecting it to be as similar to Gloss Bomb as it is. I have to put you on,

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aannbeauty lipgloss


  • Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb,$18. I had to have this gloss, no question. The color is sheer with gold sparkles, it’s just sooo pretty girlss. The texture glides on smooth and not at all sticky. It’s so very glossy too, with two coats on I HAD to make this my go to for a plump lip. Even though I barely made it halfway out the store without it on my lips … barely, I just feel like I have to reapply it too much and the color isn’t that hard to recreate. 9/10

aannbeauty lipgloss swatch

  • Nanacoco, Caramel Latte, $4. a gorgeous gloss really, when I wear this I always get asked what gloss I’m wearing so you know now its one of my FAVS. It has the same sheer but gold hue that Gloss Bomb has but is more pigmented and, stickier too. I don’t know if you like tacky lipgloss but .. sticky is good with me because I get a longer wear between applications. I can skip all that reapplying through the day wearing this so, its a top 5 gloss because of that. How does this gloss have the same gorgeous gold specks as gloss bomb? it’s just- to me the perfect lip to pull every look together. 9/10


aannbeauty lately I've been loving lipgloss

The only real difference between the two I feel is the quality of texture.

With Fenty, the price I’d probably pay again – and I’m not just gassing it. It’s not thick, not tacky, and comfortable to wear (like a moisturizing balm). The color is one of those that go with everything so I could grab it every day.

Nanacoco is more like the opposite, in terms of thickness & tackiness. Its comfortable to wear too though and I love how because it’s thicker, the pigment is a little stronger. You only need like one coat and it’s not going anyyywhere.  

     *I haven’t seen the “Nanacoco” lip gloss collection at any drugstores, only the beauty supply, they’re even hard to find online but all the shades (Caramel Latte especially) are worth looking for*


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