Love Letter to Double Wispies 

a love letter to double wispies, this is really a pair that deserves it. I can’t pull off my everyday look without them they honestly do look that good, just putting on a fresh pair and watching my makeup go from a six to a ten. I actually planned to go on the whole post about them and being really dramatic but It’s not even possible to love and talk about just one that’s why every other day I’m adding a new one to the list. In my stash I always keep and restock on these way before I’m down to my last pair.


double up double wispies (double stacked, very full, fluttery) & 207’s (both full & natural, fluffy)

Red Cherry

wispy, demi wispy (natural, long, flair), 43’s (medium length, fluttery) & 217’s

L.A. Colors dramatilash 

dainty 975, & delightful 974 (thin, long, flare) •  they sell these at dollar tree & really they are everything. 


mink fur messy false eyelashes

natural cross long mink fur eyelashes (full, both flare & fluttery) (pictured) 

each of these lashes fit every mood, some really pretty and natural, some really extra. When taking them off, I put them right back in their case and never let the glue build up on them either. After two wears, take alcohol & a mascara wand and clean them, it’s really how you can get the most wears then I replace them –nothing like a fresh pair. Even with all that maintenance tell me how I still sometimes lose one and randomly find it sticking to the floor, tell me how. Over each pair though, double wispies are my favorite lashes of all. They just fit for every look,  look gorgeous in selfies and in person and, I noticed they’re especially perfect for a no makeup day. I don’t really have a real lash stash with out a pair of them. 


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