Rose Water, I Need You

rose water

Recently stopping into a little Asian market and browsing the tea aisle I found it was filled with so many different kinds, all different uses and I almost instantly noticed a box of rose water tea. My eyes really lit up because I love to keep pure rose water on hand. One to two sprays of the facial mist is so hydrating and really wakes the skin up but, as a tea? I also grabbed

Skin Detox Tea 

Aloe Vera Tea

I do drink Aloe Vera Juice often > they are very similar but the tea is only better in the sense that it has no additives and is derived straight from Aloe Vera leaves. I faithfully apply Aloe Vera to a cleansed face morning and night and I add it into all my setting sprays. Externally it keeps oil production low and lightens dark spots but drinking pure Aloe Vera on a regular basis, since it promotes healing from the inside out leads to overall toned and renewed skin. 

Drinking Rose Water?

I was hype to try the rose water tea (packaged like dried rosebuds) because like Aloe its a key item in my beauty regime. After some investigation I learned that drinking Rose water is also trending right now, celebrities are drinking it chilled and beauty gurus are living by it.

rose water

rose water-aannbeauty

Rose waters benefits as a beauty beverage are really powerful. Since it’s so hydrating, it moisturizes and plumps up the skin leaving a brighter complexion or in other words induces glow. It also tightens the skin and minimizes large pores really creating a flawless face.

Drink one glass per day for maximum results which will be noticed in a week.

Since both drinks can do a lot of these improvements just as a facial mist or a toner one would ask, instead of using it topically… is drinking Rose water and Aloe Vera better for beautiful skin? Just waking up with popping skin really does come from nurturing externally and internally. By drinking it, “the chemical components it contains decreases the bad bacteria in the body so it doesn’t produce outward“. Basically that’s a yes. I’m definitely all about religiously drinking this beauty tea now.

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