October Beauty Diary • Daily Beauty Routine 

                                                                                                                It feels so good when I find the right group of products that work beautifully together to keep me looking & feeling on point. my daily beauty routine this month is in love with me and honestly I’m scared to shake it up. It’s really the one thing I’ve kept consistent because it’s so hard to create a good beauty routine … like, a really good beauty routine. 

7 A.M. • first thing after waking up, regardless if I wore makeup the day before or not but especially if, I do an oil cleanse 2/4 coconut oil & 2/4 tea tree oil before I wash my face with my Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I always do the oil cleanse because if I skip it, it really looks like all of my makeup is off and I’ll still be sleeping in some of it. I moisturize my face with Ponds dry skin cream, with the weather switching up I gotta do extra work to keep my skin hydrated and I’m complaining about it all day every day. If I plan on doing my makeup, I usually moisturize under my eyes & my lips with Vitamin E oil stick, and after five minutes my skin drinks it right up. 

10 A.M. • I moisturize my entire body in Coconut Oil & Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter (usually straight out of the shower). On top of that, I spray on my favorite perfume “Flowerbomb” by victor&rolf which I’ve been wearing all summer. When my sister bought this for me she knew exactly what I like, it’s a romantic floral and doesn’t clash at all with my body lotion.

s 1 P.M. • I definitely don’t wear makeup every day so basically I only use Nivea lip therapy balm, I shape my brows with E.L.F brow gel, and I spray my face with rose water. that’s it. Oh, and Bare Minerals Lash Domination mascara to coat my top & bottom lashes but really, nothing else. 

9 P.M. •  end of the day, my favorite part of every day. I shower first thing and I’ve been loving this C. Booth Sea Salt Body Scrub lately, it really does dry skin good. before drying off I always moisturize with Coconut Oil & Cerave moisturizing cream. My skin care process at night takes 45 minutes at least so I light a candle, put some R&B on and play that in the background the whole time I do it. they say lighting a candle before your beauty routine brings you into a more peaceful and reflective state of mind as well as beautifying your surroundings, I gotta agree. you blow it out when your routine is finished. I start with the oil cleanse, then the face wash, and next I tone with Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m excited this is my favorite part. I live my life for doing a honey face mask (not every night but every other night) and after 25 minutes with that on I rinse. I feel like I get prettier after a honey mask, I love it so much. To finallyyy finish the routine, I moisturize my face with Lemon Oil .. just a dot on a cotton ball, I look really refreshed from this in the AM & get into bed, sleep mask ready (of course because I’m really boujee). I can’t break up with this routine … it won’t be going anywhere for at least a few more months, at all. 


Alexis Ann Beauty

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