What’s In my bag & Summer Loves In my Makeup Bag 

I don’t always know how long I’m gonna be out since I crawl in all hours of these summer nights and, I never know how many places I’m gonna go. I might go from a party, out to eat or to the movies last minute .. any and everything is a option. Poured out is just a few things I’ve been carrying in my bag, which is a lot less than what I’d carry in the winter. In the hottest months I’m only concerned with carrying what I need to keep a flawless face.


  • Compact Mirror
  • A Beauty Blender (for blotting makeup throughout the day, works way better than blotting papers)
  • Bottle of spring water 
  • The Body Shop Shea hand lotion



  • NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu
  • NYX liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam
  • Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe
  • bare minerals lash domination mascara
  • Lancôme Nude 5; discontinued so I’m holding on to it for dear life! also, mixing this with NYX butter gloss makes a really pretty and light glossy nude.



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