{My Everyday} Brow Guide Step by Step

I kinda have a love • hate relationship with filling in my eyebrows. I really adore the results but the process itself is time consuming. I gotta make sure I don’t do them like I used too, overdrawing them too wide or filling them too dark. I really use to wear them like that but I came a long way. I take a lot of time perfecting them (a whole 20-30 minutes, smh) because they’re a focal point & I want mine flawless. 

ss Start with a bare brow, the easiest brow to work on is one freshly done obviously but for times when they aren’t and the hair is acting crazy, a brow gel is ideal.

(E.l.F Brow Gel I can’t believe I never paid attention too. usually if my brow hair is all over the place and doesn’t stay in the natural shape – its soo hard to fill them in. but, when I use brow gel filling them in is such a dream)

for a complete brow routine a Spoolie is my go to. the brush on one end is to define and fill in your brow and the spoolie on the other end is to fade the front of the brow for a natural look.

to fill in my brows I always useAnastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade It’s smudge and waterproof and matte so I love it but I found Ardell brow pomade , a drugstore dupe and I love the quality of it too for half the price. sometimes I use a retractable brow pencil because I hate pencil sharpening & though the finish of the pomade is everything, a pencil definitely is quicker and easier.

sswith brow product of choice (pomade, brow pencil, etc) it is so much easier to me to start by filling in the tail end and the arch.

ss now naturally I fill in the rest of the brow using light strokes all the way to the front end.

for the next step, my favorite to use is L.A Girl Pro concealer skin tone “Fawn“, to clean and shape.

ssclean the brow up with concealer and a small brush to shape.

ss now after blending out all of the concealer surrounding the brows, I buff out the front of the brow with the spoolie if it’s too dark, to lighten up the harsh front end.

Seamlessly done. believe me, one day I will wake up with my brows looking this way naturally, and I can happily skip that whole 30 minute routine all together but for now..


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