Lust List

I have my eye on each of these things some I’ve been lusting over for really long. It’s safe to say the time to add to cart and checkout is now. there are plenty things that deserve the splurge. I don’t even care if I can find something similar or cheaper, these have all my heart eyes. 

pictured| PETERTHOMASROTH 24K Gold Mask, $80
this mask has it as first on my list because I’ve wanted it since it was released for sale. since then there have became many different variations of gold face mask’s made but, I’m so very committed to this one. I really imagine after using this mask still glowing for days after. I’ve seen some results of this mask prove that but that $80 price tag though? just so disappointing.  

pictured| Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Foundation Primer, $38
I happen to like this brand really because I adore the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. I want it so it can give me a radiating & longwearing base like it promises. 


pictured| Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30
Usually I’m obsessed with the coverage of L.A Girl Pro Concealer as my go to concealer and nothing comes before it but, I love the quality of higher end concealers just as much, if not more and I keep forgetting that (yes, you my beloved MAC Prolongwear). they still are in a very different lane to drugstore concealers and the NARS is so popular I can’t wait to try.

pictured| Fresh Sugar Face Polish, $62
This is in my cart to date and will be in my mailbox soon. I read all about this face scrub (and the Fresh brand) and I can’t find a bad review. I’ve been looking for a winning face exfoliant that sounds like what I need and lately I’ve been using another that I’m not so in love with. There is a smaller size for $25 but I’ll end up wanting the bigger size regardless.  

pictured| Faux Puma Fur Throw Blanket, $300
So, I had to add this. such a chic and comforting throw blanket. I picture it hanging right off the edge of my bed, adding style and flair. It’s likely that I could find something with a lower price tag and similar, but I’m certain that feeling of wanting this particular one won’t go away so it will always be this I need to splurge on. 

This really isn’t half of my list but just some of what I think is definitely worth me lusting for.


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