A Gem to Prevent Under Eye Concealer Creasing 

When I first started to really get into using concealer under my eyes because foundation just wasn’t heavy coverage enough, give it a few hours after I set with powder and the concealer would start to settle and crease, really just ruining my whole full face … which didn’t take 5 minutes to do! When I noticed it happend no matter which concealer or setting powder I kind of accidentally learned a little trick having to do with moisture. I found that as long as the under eye stays regularly hydrated, concealer lays like a dream really. 


To tap this under my eyes, massaging it with my ring finger each day is the method, or, each day you do your makeup. It works really good if you do have dark circles too because your bags will lighten over time. After you apply this, let it sink in for two to three minutes then top it with concealer. Once you set it with powder .. it’s set. The concealer doesn’t settle into any lines all day. Reasons why I really love it. 

If dark under eyes or concealer creasing is an issue for you, you know now to definitely grab this Vitamin E Stick for $3, it’s essential. 


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