February Favorites|Makeup I Loved All Month

The main thing I loved about this month is I falling in love with a new makeup routine. I can’t let it end without making sure I’m not running out of some favorites that I’ve picked up every. single. time I’ve done my makeup.  
ssEstee Lauder Double Wear foundation,$42  I’m really obsessed with this foundation and it was a spur of the moment splurge. I had heard about all the hype about its 24 hour wear and that was something I was needing in my life. While being lightweight I feel a little goes far, it goes on a little sheer but once you build on it it has amazing full coverage. This foundation blends so easy and settles in just like your skin, definitely high end. 

ssMarc Jacobs Crayon Gel Eyeliner (Jet Black),$25  This eyeliner is a now favorite because I really prefer an eyeliner that goes on as black as it looks, because its so pigmented its just gorgeous on the waterline. The texture is creamy so it really just glides right on but it’s smudge and waterproof so its staying on all day. 

ssNYX No Filter Finishing Powder,$12 This to me is the perfect powder to set a full face of makeup. It locks my foundation in all day and the shade “Deep Golden” picks up translucent with the right added tint of color. I promise, this is not one of those setting powders that leaves a ashy gray after cast, it brings all of the warmth right back to my skin, adds a subtle glow while mattifying it. 

ssTarte Maracuja Oil,$16 I wanted to try the travel size first in case I was disappointed & gladly I did because I hated it as a regular moisturizer, leaves me way too oily. I didn’t throw it away though, I started using it in my favorite full coverage foundations because just a drop added is perfect for stretching all my uses. I also really like it as a cuticle oil right before or after I paint my nails.


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