To Me, Love Me

It’s really Valentine’s Day already .. and it’s the perfect excuse to doll up and look good for the night, even though there’s really no excuse needed. For the occasion though, this is the look I’m going for step by step. This Maybelline “The Nudes” palette has the perfect combination of colors to use (I grabbed it from CVS)

1. start with a primed lid (I covered my eye in L.A Girl Pro concealer (shade “fawn”) to give the eye a bare base.

2. use the light matte nude shade in the palette and brush it under your brow, then go for the matte brown color & put that on the outer corner of the eye.

3. use the lightest shade of the gold & (with a wet brush) place that right in the center of the lid.

4. take a small amount of the matte black in the palette & tap that right on top of the brown in the outer corner.

5. for the inner corner of the eye (in front of the gold) Take the really shimmery white (wet your brush a little to pick up the pigment in the shadow) & pat that right there.

6. now to line the eye. Use a liquid or gel liner (I used ELF gel liner) and do a really simple wing. TIP: you don’t have to pull the wing all the way out, instead smudge it into the black eye shadow.

7. I always have to add lashes but you can skip this part. Coat your eyelashes with mascara and optional coat your bottom lashes too.


MAC Ruby WooI usually would pick for this, the red is a statement & completes my whole look but, even a gentle pink compliments this eye SO well. If you’re not into either a gloss will always have you looking on.


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