3 Flawless Makeup Tricks I Learned On Instagram

I get 99% of my flawless makeup tricks from Instagram, IG is where the celebrity makeup artists thrive and show off the best tips, so I live all in the comments. When they show their makeup tricks and flawless techniques I’m definitely QUICK to runnn and go try it.

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On bennibeauty’s IG I’m always strolling and stopping to stare at his work. The technique he uses called underpainting focuses on skin first, all CREAM, CREAM, CREAM. Imagine how seamless his clients face comes out. Its way different than contouring with powders & thats all I really contour with. I first saw Renny Vasquez start his face with underpainting too a few months ago in the sneak peek of his “Complexion Perfection Master Class” online but still I neverrr tried it.

I’m doing this!

I now saw it twice and was still doing my foundation the same old way. Base prep first, easy. done. Foundation next. I reallly like to do my brows before foundation but, what would Benni do…

Ok, concealer and cream contour after. (Cream contour is EVERYTHING!!) Before I even finished blending it out, I loved loved loved the finish. It dosent look anything like doing your foundation last. It looks like airbrush! no matter what you blend with – I tried a beauty blender and a brush, with both I’m just In love. flawlessNow, lets talk about my next newest favorite flawless makeup trick …

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I finally noticed the magic behind this after stalking Facecaptions IG/ youtube videos. I learned his really flawless makeup trick is adding blush (to his client) right before he wipes the setting powder away. Its so simple, I almost didn’t notice it, can’t believe I never thought of it. So, he sets the undereye … after he lets the setting powder bake a little, he wipes the powder off down INTO the blush. The harsh blush lines, no matter how HEAVY he was on the blush ends up blending right into the foundation … 3 flawless makeup tricks from instagram now I’m all in love with this makeup trick because even though I can blend! …. I always been a little scared of blush. I’m packing all the blush I want on :)) when the setting powder fades into it .. the result is BOMB like the blush is apart of your skinnn.


Ok, I don’t really do too much on the makeup so I was really confused when I strolled to a video of “baking” eyebrows on the explore page, like thats just extra. I watched a few tutorials then uninterested, clicked out. The next time I put on makeup why now I notice after a few hours around my brows getting a little oily. I don’t even think they got oily enough to be a problem, I think I just low key found some reason to try the trick, lol. they were oily though.

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I tapped Sacha buttercup on top of filled in brows and only let it set for like a minute. Most of the time I use a retractable brow pencil so the wax, if you push too hard, makes the brows look too dark. and waxy? After “baking” them it lightened the brow, actually made them matte and look perfectly blended with the full face. It also made them feel SET, like how your face feels after locking it with setting spray, SET. okayyyy. It’s extra, but I really like it. I think I’m keeping this, it will fit right into my summer matte makeup routine.

I’m in the process of upgrading my makeup routine againnn so I’ll keep faithfully lurking for flawless makeup tricks, until I’m 100% 1000% makeup GOALS.

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