How To Flawlessly Wear Matte Makeup all Summer 

I’ve been waiting impatiently for summer to come back around, I really can’t stand anything but warm weather. Since I love a matte finish so much, the one thing about the winter is good for is the cold air keeping the oil away. My full face really just thrives. Even though now with the weather switching up and all the extra heat making matte harder to maintain, I make it happen.

Wearing a full face of makeup in this 90 degree heat takes some real ass dedication but I’ll always be obsessed with matte makeup no matter the temperature so to flawlessly pull that off …

matte makeup

1: Moisturizer

Which moisturizer I start with plays on how foundation is going to lay and how it can hold up dealing with heat all day. All basically add back moisture to your skin but they also sometimes add shine. for this, I’m using a moisturizer that returns the moisture but gives a matte & oil controlling finish instead.

My Pick: Aloe Vera Gelknown for its oil control and pore shrinking properties.

2: Prime

I still pay attention what my primer does to my skin in terms of finish. It dosent make sense for me to pick a hydrating primer or a radiance primer thinking that I will have a matte face all day. I will always adore & use Milk Of Magnesia for this, sweat never ever breaks through it, this is my key. If you never tried this before don’t sleep on it but, if you have and don’t like it there are really only two I know that come close. 

My Pick: Black Radiance Shine Control primer ($7) or Becca Ever Matte Pore less primer ($36)

matte makeup


3: Foundation

There so many foundations that were made for this. “24 hour wear, waterproof, longwear”, all that. Those foundations were formulated to not even be bothered by heat or sweat & just what I need in this weather. 

My Pick: L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte – 24 hour foundation.

matte makeup

I’ve tested it over and over (on the beach, all day out in the sun, at party’s all night) so I know this makeup base is bulletproof. There will be sweat though, but after blotting & re-setting, my makeup will not be moved.

I gotta have Blotting Papers, they drink any sight of oil up, and even if I don’t see any I blot often anyway to catch the moisture that makes me look oily. 

and, Facial Mists. one containing Aloe Vera, Rose Water and Witch Hazel, which control oil so goood. this keeps a full face in tact while also cooling me down. 


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  1. I always wear a full face of make up in the summer, go out, and then about an hour later completely regret it! I need to learn that tonnes of make up and sweat are not a good match!

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