Why Brown Lip Liner Will Always be Essential

                   Lip liner is one thing I thought I would never use when I first started wearing lipstick. I was like nah, I’m just gonna put this lipstick on & go. I eventually fell in love with it though when I realized it helps make a way too bright lipstick easier to wear. being a true lover of nudes & pinks, I love a good brown lip liner especially.


Two of my favorite lip liner’s would have to be MAC Chestnut and NYX Expresso. Any brown liner works just as good though (especially the .99 cent Milani ones from the beauty supply) some just give better color pay off. With a nude that I love by Colourpop  and brown lip liner combined I’ll show you why to me it’s so essential.


On the top no liner, which as pretty as the nude is, is harsh and doesn’t look very natural (but if you like that look, do you!) then we have the bottom  – lined with NYX Expresso which gives the nude a softer look. Colourpop’s lippies are already very matte alone so lining my lips when wearing them takes away the harsh look. If you feel like nudes & pinks are just too bright all you need is this really. It also works so well with a lot of other bright colors too.


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